UNIQ Petali 6.8 oz Color Changing Gelato Cups -White to Green

UNIQ Petali 6.8 oz Color Changing Gelato Cups -White to Green

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Introducing the Petali Gelato Cup - 200 cc. Different. Better.

This plastic gelato cup is made of high quality plastic that is strong and durable. The bright color accentuates the many colors and flavors of gelato and ensures a high quality look with every serving. The changing colors are simply amazing - once you scoop a cold treat into your cup, it changes color before your eyes. Our Petali Gelato Cups are perfect for serving gelato and other frozen desserts. See the detailed specs below.

* If you are looking for cups with lids, please check out our paper ice cream cups which are compatible with our ice cream cup lids. These plastic gelato cups do not have lids and are not designed to work with any lids *

A: 3.75"
B: 1.81"
C: 2.00"

UNIQ Petali 6.8 oz Color Changing Gelato Cups Details
Quantity Full Case is 500 Cups. Can Order Smaller Amounts
Color White to Green
Eco Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Translucent Plastic
Case Dimensions 18" x 14" x 6"
Case Weight 15 lbs
Cases Per Pallet 64