UNIQ 8 oz Santa Claus is Coming Ice Cream Cups

UNIQ 8 oz Santa Claus is Coming Ice Cream Cups

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The story of these cups: These cups tell a wonderful age old Christmas story. As you begin the story you see a little boy in his toasty room, located at 64 South Christmas Street. The night is still and quiet. He is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus and his reindeer. He is "supposed" to be sleeping but is unable due to the incredible excitement he feels for Christmas to come. As you follow the story around the cup, you see Santa Claus in the sky being lead by Rudolph and his red nose. You then travel through the little village, past a Christmas wreath hung on a street lamp. Past the small church building with warm fire. You see the snowy mountaintops in the back ground. You wander past the frosted Christmas Trees, several of which have been hung with bright lights to welcome the wonderful Christmas Season. Then, when you thought the story was finished, you see the STAR, the one Bright Shiny Star that shone in the night to guide all of us to the One. This star signifies the true meaning of Christmas and is there to remind us all the true Reason for the Season. Merry CHRISTmas to all!

Introducing our New UNIQ 8 oz Santa Claus Is Coming Ice Cream Cups. These amazing paper cups are the next addition to our Premium Line and are extremely high quality printing and paper.

Be the hero of the Christmas party or Holiday get together when using these Merry Christmas ice cream cups. They can be used as ice cream cups, gelato cups, frozen yogurt cups as well as many other things yummy and sweet.

  • These Santa Claus is Coming to Town paper bowls are Made in the USA From High-Quality FDA Approved Paper Material!! Be the Hit of the Party With These Paper Cups. 
  • Perfect For Eating Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream, Cereal, Hot Soups, Yogurt, Cake, Pie, or Any Food You Desire 
  • These Gorgeous Ice Cream Cups Are Exactly What You Need For Your Next Christmas Party, Church Activity, Family Get Together, Or any Other Event 
  • Bright and Beautiful Design Full of Fun Colors To Ensure Your Christmas Party Is As Awesome As These Cups. 
  • These Amazing Cups have a capacity of 8 oz Which is the Perfect Size for a Slice of Cake and a Scoop of Your Favorite Ice Cream. The Top Rim is 3.68 Inches In Diameter, Bottom Rim is 2.85 Inches In Diameter and it is 2.48 Inches Tall.

 A: 3.68"
B: 2.85"
C: 2.48"


UNIQ 8 oz Christmas Ice Cream Cup Details
Quantity Order Amounts From 1 to 1000
Color Beautiful Blues, Reds, Greens, Whites and all the Happy Christmas Colors!
Eco Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Paper
Capacity About 2 Scoops of Ice Cream