UNIQ 6 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

UNIQ 6 oz Cowabunga Black Ice Cream Cups

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Introducing the  UNIQ 4 oz Cowabunga Ice Cream Cups. These are mainly used for frozen yogurt but are also used for other frozen treats like ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. Since these cups are little, they can be used for more untraditional uses, like holding lip scrub or giving out single portions of fudge. Really, these cups can be used for anything you can imagine! You can place a sticker or stamp on these cups to give it a personal touch. We also offer custom printing to help build your brand. Lid sold separately. These Ice Cream Cups are made from high-quality FDA approved paper. These gorgeous paper cups are just what you need for your next birthday party, wedding, holiday or church gathering, or event. The name Cowabunga is perfect for these amazing high-quality cups. Cowabunga is defined as "a yell of exhilaration"  or "an exclamation of delight or satisfaction". This is exactly the response we have gotten from everyone who has had the honor of laying their hands and eyes on these paper ice cream cups!

A Perfect To-Go Option

Our paper ice cream cups together with our flat lids and dome lids are perfect for any take out order. They can be used perfectly as a take out container for delivery, curbside pickup, drive thru, or customers on the go. With plenty of designs to choose from this is a great option. You can now deliver curbside to your customers in seconds and allow for a convenient option for all customers with these to go containers.​​​


These Amazing Cups are 4 oz - the perfect size for a small scoop of your favorite ice cream. The top rim is 2.90 Inches in diameter, the bottom rim is 2.41 Inches in diameter and is 1.77 Inches tall.

    A: 2.90"
    B: 2.41"
    C: 1.77"

    UNIQ 04 oz Ice Cream Cup Details
    Quantity Full Case is 1,000 Cups. Can Order Smaller Amounts
    Color Cowabunga Black
    Eco Friendly Recyclable
    Material FDA Approved Paper
    Case Dimensions 15.00" x 12.00" x 15.25"
    Case Weight 10.4 lbs
    Cases Per Pallet 45
    Capacity About 1 Scoop of Ice Cream