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  • 16 oz Solid White Ice Cream Paper Cups - 1000ct
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White Ice Cream Cups

If you run an ice cream store, serve ice cream from your eatery, or host large events that may include ice cream sales, then you should consider disposable white ice cream cups wholesale. They offer the best, least expensive way of distributing ice cream to customers, patrons, and at parties all for a low, affordable price.

Crafted from materials durable enough to easily withstand a single serving of ice cream and more, your customers will be impressed with these cups. They are solid, but easily disposable so you can keep a clean, healthy environment within your store or eatery. The wide mouth at the top allows for easy access and different utensils from small wooden scoops to full size spoons are no problem.

White Paper Ice Cream Cups

The simple white coloring is also a plus for businesses that want to maintain high quality with a simple color scheme. There is something clean and neat about white colored ice cream cups that enhances your business. For those who are looking to set themselves apart while saving considerable amounts of money compared to retail prices, we have what you need.

The value of disposable white ice cream cups wholesale should not be overlooked for your business. The savings alone can help you satisfy the needs of customers while maintaining your brand with a high-quality item. If you are looking to save money with the distribution of ice cream or you want to have disposable cups available for parties and events, then our selection of white ice cream cups is here for you.